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Making Memories at Maidenhall

Year 5 Overnight Camp

camp 1

This year, a group of adventurous Y5 pupils took on the challenge of camping overnight on the school field. For many, this was their first experience of staying away from home so signing up to sleep in a tent was extremely brave.

Learning how to pitch a tent was exciting and the children showed fantastic teamwork.

Throughout their camp, many other first time experiences were arranged.  These included:

Making a fire:

camp 4

camp 5


camp 8

Dell Farm Visit

Year 6 pupils returned to Dell Farm, Whipsnade for their annual residential visit. The children stay for 2 nights and have 3 jam-packed days of adventurous activities planned.   The residential visit offers children opportunities which we cannot offer on the school site and it allows them the chance to develop a wide range of our school values.

For many children this is the first time they have stayed away from home for 2 nights in an unfamiliar place.  Staying in large rooms with other children is always exciting and it is a great way to get to know each other better and make new friends.

A great start to the visit was a trip to Whipsnade zoo.  They learnt lots about animals they had never seen before.

dell 1

Dell Farm also offered the opportunity for the children to get to know some other interesting residents.  Each day they were responsible for the grooming and feeding of the farm animals.

The nearby woods are the perfect place for a night walk. The children started their walk as the sun began to set however they were quickly walking through the woods and fields in darkness.  This was a wonderful opportunity which the children could certainly not experience in school.

dell 7


As Dell Farm is not too far away from school, it provides a fantastic opportunity to promote visits to the Dunstable Downs which is a wonderful outdoor space that our families can enjoy.  During our visit, we went Nordic walking and braved the wind to hike to the top of Ivanhoe Beacon.

dell 8

Archery and Indoor Climbing

dell 9 dell 10


dell 11 dell 12

Year 4 Enterprise visit to TUI

As part of the Y4 Enabling Enterprise project, 30 children were selected to visit the TUI offices at Wigmore House, Luton to participate in the ‘High Flier’ business day.

tui 2

During the tour, we learnt about all the exciting and different jobs the company had.  There were so many people busy working but they all made us feel so welcome.

Their challenge was to become a Tui employee for the day and create a new holiday for Greenland, an African Safari or a trip to the Amazon.  We were lucky to have volunteers from TUI to help us.

During the day we were using lots of our enterprise skills but we focused on ‘Using our imagination’ and ‘Working as a team’.

As a team, they needed to decide on their destination, target audience and what activities they would offer in their resort.  They created a draft webpage.

At the end of the day the children had to work with their team to present their holiday.

Prince William Award

p w

20 Year 3 children have been selected to participate in the Prince William Award.

Each Friday afternoon they are challenged with a series of workshops, sessions and projects that will encourage them to understand and reflect on the importance of key character traits like resilience, self-belief, team-work and confidence so they can  ‘dare to be their best self’.

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