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Developing Healthy Lifestyles

We understand that promoting physical and emotional wellbeing is a crucial part of every child’s development. We aim to equip all our pupils with the skills and attitudes they need to make informed decisions about their health. These are some of the ways we encourage our children to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles:

  • Through our P.E. curriculum the children experience a range of different sports activities and learn about the effects and benefits of regular exercise. We also offer a range of sports clubs.
  • We promote active travel to and from school and participate in the Modeshift Stars Award.
  • The importance of balanced nutrition and healthy food choices is explicitly taught through the Science, D.T. and PSHE/Value curriculum.
  • We develop children’s knowledge and understanding of the importance of water in their diet by encouraging all children to bring in a water bottle so they can have access to water throughout the day. Water fountains are also provided in the school for additional access to drinking water. Children are expected to bring water with their packed lunch and fruit juices are discouraged.
  • All KS1 children are provided with one portion of fruit every day. KS2 children are allowed to bring their own choice of snack for morning break time, but it has to be either a piece of fruit or vegetable. KS2 children are able to buy fruit and milk from the school and Pupil Premium children are provided with both free of charge.
  • We provide play equipment and areas which promote physical activity at break times.
  • Break times begin with a 5 minute run/brisk walk around the playground to ensure children are active.
  • Our PSHE/Value curriculum allows children to explore and understand the different feelings they experience. Through this we are able to teach our pupils techniques for dealing with their emotions.
  • The use of active lesson starters and activities are promoted across the curriculum.
  • A gardening/nature club is run weekly; children learn how to grow their own fruit and vegetables.
  • Nutritional lunches are provided and a salad bar and selection of fruit is available.
  • Games bags, which are full of sporting equipment and games ideas, have been created for selected children to take home to encourage active play.

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